Thursday, November 08, 2007

[Book Review] A LICK OF FROST by Laurell K. Hamilton


Beth reviews A LICK OF FROST (Meredith Gentry Series, Book 6) by Laurell K. Hamilton (Ballatine, 2007)

Half-human and half-faerie, Princess Meredith NicEssus of the Unseelie Court (the court of darkness) is a former L.A. private investigator now turned possible Queen of the Unseelie Court. To become Queen, Meredith must become pregnant by another faerie—one of her guards. In fact, trying to have a baby has become her full time job! Then Lady Caitrin of the Seelie Court (the court of air and light) claims to have been raped by three of Meredith’s guards. The King of the Seelie, Meredith’s uncle, cannot punish those of the Unseelie court and the current Queen of the Unseelie court will not. He turns to the humans for redress. Meredith must strive to prove her guards innocent, keep the Queen of the Unseelie court and the King of the Seelie court happy with her, and continue on her quest for the throne. But is the throne worth it all? Meredith must consider the true costs of being Queen of the Unseelie court.

I enjoyed this book, and others by Laurell K. Hamilton, because it is pure pleasure reading for me. I feel no “real life” connection to the world of faerie. I become immersed into a land of magic and creatures that I can only dream about. To me, this is the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Other Books in the series:
1. A Kiss of Shadows
2. A Caress of Twilight
3. Seduced by Moonlight
4. A Stroke of Midnight
5. Mistral’s Kiss

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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As always, Laurel Hamilton comes through. Her storyline continues from one book of the series to the next, but anyone could pick up in the middle of the series to see if they like her style or not. Of all the fantasy/romance series I have read, Hamilton is the best. Seeing as how I read 5 to 7 books a week, that says a lot.
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