Tuesday, October 09, 2007

[Book Review] YOU'VE BEEN WARNED by James Patterson and Howard Roughan


Beth reviews YOU'VE BEEN WARNED by James Patterson and Howard Roughan (Little, Brown, 2007)

Meet Kristin Burns, an aspiring photographer who is currently waiting to hear from an elite art gallery in Manhattan about her own show. Until then, of course, she has a “real” job as a nanny to the wealthy Turnbull family and a secretary to their stepmother during the school day. Oh, and she’s having an affair with the kids’ father. He is the man of her dreams and she may be able to keep him for good...if she pays attention to the signs around her—the pictures she takes show people as “translucent” and sometimes even dead. She often smells something burning. Each morning begins with a reoccurring nightmare and she wakes up screaming. The dead have come back to warn her…but will she heed their words?

This slim book packs a lot of punch! It is definitely a James Patterson novel with intrigue, “bad guys” and some moral dilemma. I actually had to read the last page twice (DO NOT SKIP AHEAD! It will ruin it!) to comprehend what I was reading...it’s a surprise ending! Enjoy this book on a crisp fall evening!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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