Wednesday, September 05, 2007

[Book Review] UP CLOSE AND DANGEROUS by Linda Howard


Beth reviews UP CLOSE AND DANGEROUS by Linda Howard (Ballantine Books, 2007)

In today’s society it is not unheard of for marriages to take place for many reasons outside of love—health benefits, money, or a business arrangement, for example. Linda Howard’s most recent book, Up Close and Dangerous, brings these marriages to light. Bailey Wingate married her boss and soon after became a widow. Now she’s living comfortably on his estate...and controlling the trust funds of his two adult children!

A year later Bailey is headed away on a private plane to spend two weeks with her brother and his wife on a rafting trip...if her plane makes it there! Cam Justice, her Texan ex-military pilot, manages to crash-land their plane but now they are stranded in the wilderness. Cam has a head injury and loses a lot of blood while Bailey has minor wounds. Will they be found before they freeze to death or starve? Cut off from the world, Bailey must learn to trust not only herself but Cam as they work together for survival.

Questions need to be answered: Why did their plane crash? Was it mechanical failure or sabotage? And who would want them to crash? This page turner leaves you ready for more of Linda Howard’s work.

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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