Friday, September 28, 2007

[Book Review] OBSESSION by Karen Robards


Beth reviews OBSESSION by Karen Robards (Putnam, 2007)

Hog-tied and face-down on her kitchen floor, all Katherine can think about is how filthy her floor is--and that she doesn’t know anything about the safe the robbers are looking for. The townhouse she currently lives in belongs to her boyfriend/boss, CIA Deputy Director Ed Barnes. When Katherine fails to convince the robbers that she knows nothing about the safe, they kill her friend Lisa. Katherine escapes with a concussion and wounds and wakes up in the hospital unable to recognize the person in the mirror...
Katherine remembers herself as a pale, curvy brunette.
The woman in the mirror is tan, thin and has straight blonde hair.

To make matters worse her kitchen floor’s tiles are 6 inches longer than she remembers. And she knows one thing—she doesn’t want to kiss, let alone have sex with her boyfriend of two years. In fact, she fears him.

What has happened to Katherine’s memory? Who can she trust—her boyfriend/boss, Ed? Her neighbor, Dr. Dan Howard? Katherine must follow her instincts, which scream “RUN!”

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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I thought Obsession was ONE of BEST BOOK'S that I have read. I have read it several times since the first time. I absolutely loved the fact that the main character had no idea what was going on. Frankly speaking there was just enough romance without overshadowing the action & main theme or purpose if U will, of the story. I really love the way KR describes a major scene. While reading a really intense as in when U first are introduced to K. Oh my God!! It was so intense. Love it!!! My HAT is off to you Karen Robards. You r my BIg TIME Fav. Of all times. I have been known 2 take the day off from work when I know UR book is coming out! That first major scene in GUILTY in the courtroom whow!!!!! As in also PURSUIT when her Boss is planning on killing her. But my all time Fav. Is WALKING TILL MIDNIGHT. It was my first KR. book. I thought I had died & gone to Heaven!!! Seriously !! It had it all. Humor, action romance, the chase, & 2 top it all written really well. A great plot, characters, you name it. I have no idea how many times I read it over & over again & again!! Yes, I have been wanting to express my views on KR's Books 4 a long time. Just got an I-Phone but I am afraid I am still a bit computer challenged. Just read JUSTICE. The nearly drowning scene; what can I say incredible!!' I would love more like OBSESSION. NOT THAT I don' t Like GUILTY or VANISHED, HEARTBREAKER & all the other standout novels by KR.
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