Tuesday, September 25, 2007

[Book Review] LAST BREATH by Mariah Stewart


Beth reviews LAST BREATH by Mariah Stewart (Ballantine Books, 2007).

If you know anything about my reading habits and the author Mariah Stewart, you’ll be wondering why I had never heard of this author before...but now I plan to go back and read all her work! This book kept me on my toes wondering who the killer was....

He’d stood between his father and his brother, there on a hillside overlooking the valley where it was said an earthquake swallowed an entire city....They’d taken him up into the hills to pray. There, where the sacred city had stood, they would all pray.

"I am galas, and the priestess I obey. The faithful remember..."

Archaeologist Daria McGowan was hired by a university to catalogue the finds of her ancestor, who was also an archaeologist. The finds were rumored to have come from a lost civilization, Shandibar. She quickly discovers that several priceless treasures are missing and that their owners have been butchered according to Shandibar tradition. A quick call to friend/FBI Agent Connor Shields and they are teamed up to search for the thief/killer. Are there still real galas (demon spirits of Shandibar) and priestesses? Will Daria and Connor be able to stop the deaths?

If you love romantic thrillers, then this book is for you! The killer is someone you'll least expect! Enjoy!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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