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[Book Review] THE 6TH TARGET by James Patterson


Beth reviews THE 6TH TARGET by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (Little, Brown, 2007).

The sixth book in the Women’s Murder Club series begins with more than a bang—six to be exact. Six shots are fired on a ferry boat as it is docking, injuring one the club's four members. Although the gunman, Fred Brinkley, is quickly placed behind bars, the Murder Club must work hard to keep him there. One club member, Yuki Castellano, struggles to prove that he is legally sane and should stand trial for the murders of four individuals and the shooting of her friend.

Lindsay Boxer has her own unique problems—other than Fred Brinkley, that is. Her long distance romance with Joe Molinari is driving her crazy and her new partner, Rich Conklin, is obviously interested in her. But could she ever date her partner? And, on top of that, throw in the bizarre kidnappings—young geniuses and their nannies are being snatched. But no ransom is ever demanded and the nannies end up dead…where are these children being taken? And why?

While the kidnappings keep Lindsay busy and Yuki works on Fred Brinkley’s trial, Cindy Thomas must deal with the violence in her new apartment building. It started out with a dog being killed and is escalating rapidly. Someone has started killing the tenants!

Claire Washburn does her magic and even has some good surprises for the members of the Women’s Murder Club in this sixth book about their lives and friendship.

This book was more than a page turner—Patterson and Paetro brought to life a fast-paced read with great plot and many surprises. I read this book in less than 24 hours—ignoring the dishes and laundry. I can’t wait for Patterson’s next book!

New to the Women’s Murder Club? Read them in order:

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