Saturday, June 02, 2007

[Tell Me About A Book!] Theme One: African-American Literature

Tell Me About a Book!
A Summer Reading program for Adult Book Clubs
June 2-July 28, 2007

Tell Me About A Book! Themes: Four themes have been selected to promote reading, sharing, and lively debate among adult book clubs. Starting today, the Memphis Reads blog will post a theme every two weeks and invite you and your book club to consider related questions.

Theme 1:
African-American Literature: Unique Experiences

African-American Literature is a diverse genre that includes a long tradition of literary fiction and such popular subgenres as "urban" and "inspirational." Consider the following questions and share them with your book club. Use the "comments" section below to share your thoughts. (Click here for instructions).

  1. What defines African-American Literature as a genre? What makes it unique?

  2. Which subgenre is your favorite?

  3. Who are your favorite authors? Your favorite characters?

Browse Memphis Reads reviews of African-American Fiction titles. Learn more about Tell Me About A Book!.

Tell Me About A Book! is made possible by a grant from Mid South Reads and The Assisi Foundation.


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