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[Book Review] THE SHIRT OFF HIS BACK by Parry Brown


Jessie Marshall reviews THE SHIRT OFF HIS BACK by Parry A. Brown (Strivers Row, 2001)

Terry Winston is happy with his life as the devoted single father of eleven-year-old twin daughters, Alisa and Ariana. Even with the help of his mother and sister, taking full parental responsibility while still a college student was very challenging for him. Now life seems to have leveled out for Terry and his children. He has a good job and a satisfying relationship with Jackie, the single mother of two-year-old twins. Marriage seems to be the next step. The situation changes abruptly when Catherine, the mother of Alisa and Ariana, reappears to fight for custody of the girls she abandoned at birth. Her true motive is to present a better image to her family-oriented employer in order to secure a promotion. Once again, with the support of his family, Jackie, and his best friend, Roland, Terry determinedly battles to expose Catherine’s selfish plan and to keep his daughters in the loving home he has created for them.

Many readers will find this character-centered story appealing. The plot focuses on contemporary issues involving family, friendships, and romantic relationships. The book is written in a conversational style and contains familiar characters with whom readers might identify.

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I absolutely looove this book, it is my all time favorite! I read it a few years back and I will always cherish it. The story line seemed so real, it just drew me in closer and closer anxious to turn the page, curious of what would happen next.
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