Thursday, May 17, 2007

[Book Review] I HEARD THAT SONG BEFORE by Mary Higgins Clark


Beth reviews I HEARD THAT SONG BEFORE (Simon & Schuster, 2007)

Mary Higgins Clark’s new novel begins with six-year-old Kay Lansing’s first visit to the Carrington estate. Her father, the landscaper, has told her numerous stories about the mansion. Kay, being a normal six-year-old, must investigate her favorite story—the hidden chapel located in the historic seventeenth-century manor house that had been transported stone by stone from Wales in 1848. Later that same evening, the Carringtons host a formal dinner dance and their son, Peter, drives their neighbor, Susan Althorp, home. The next morning Susan cannot be found and is never heard from again.

As the years pass, Peter is still "a person of interest" in the Susan Althorp case. It doesn’t help matters that his pregnant wife was found drowned in their swimming pool. He is now the head of the family company and is living a quiet life out of the public eye when Kay, now a librarian in Englewood, approaches Peter about using the Carrington mansion for a fundraiser.

After their initial meeting, Kay and Peter have a whirlwind romance and marry in a quiet ceremony. Following a wonderful honeymoon, they return to live in the Carrington mansion. Their happiness is disrupted when a sensational magazine article forces the police to reopen the case of Susan Althorp’s disappearance. Her body, found on the Carrington property, only darkens the cloud of suspicion around Peter. When a second body is found on the property, even Kay begins to doubt her husband’s innocence. And yet she may hold the clue to saving him...but can she remember the day she snuck into the chapel? Who else was in there with her?

If you enjoyed Two Little Girls in Blue then you’ll love this one! Mary Higgins Clark hits it right on...romance, suspense, murder.... I finished this book just a day after I started it! It’s definitely a page turner!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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