Thursday, May 03, 2007

[Book Review] FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE by Kim Harrison


Beth reviews FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE by Kim Harrison (Harper Collins, 2007) (fifth in a series)

If there is one way to get me to read a book, it’s through eye-catching cover art. And Kim Harrison’s first hardcover book definitely has that! I had not read any of the previous four books in this series (ok, so I really didn’t know this was a series) but that fact didn’t make it (too) confusing. The magic represented in this book isn’t what I’m used to--no Harry Potter or Anita Blake here--but the magic and its "rules" made sense quickly. I can’t wait to go back and read the first four!

Rachel Morgan, a witch and the alpha female of a wolf pack, possesses "the Focus," a 5,000 year-old demon-crafted Were artifact that enables non-Weres to become Weres quickly. Perhaps admitting she has the Focus could stop the current gang wars but it could also create a battle to the death among many species. Along with her male partner Jenks, who is a pixie, Rachel solves Were serial murders. She also deals with demons and vampires (including both her roommate/female partner Ivy and the man she is dating, Kistin)!

With a master vampire, Piscary, walking free from the jail that she helped place him in and the demon Algaliarept able to walk during daylight hours, Rachel knows that things are changing...but are they changing for the best?

Books in this series:

Book 1: Dead Witch Walking

Book 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

Book 3: Every Which Way but Dead

Book 4: A Fist Full of Charms

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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