Saturday, March 10, 2007

[Podcast] RAWSISTAZ Interview with Carl Weber

Listen in as several members of RAWSISTAZ, a dynamic, online literary club that promotes African-American reading and writing, interview bestselling author Carl Weber about his latest book, THE FIRST LADY (Dafina Books, 2007).

When Charlene Wilson learns that she has a terminal disease, she decides to pick her successor. Which of the four women she has in mind will be the next first lady of First Jamaica Ministries and wife of Bishop T.K. Wilson? The RAWSISTAZ ask Weber about their favorite characters and plot twists. Learn why Weber has been dubbed "The Prince of Drama;" whether the RAWSISTAZ agree with the bishop's choice for a new wife; and about Weber's next book.

The podcast is published by TriCom Podcast. No special software is needed to listen; you should be able to access it using the Windows Media Player. The link to activate the podcast is near the bottom of the page. It reads "Click on the image to listen to Carl's show!"

Check our catalog for THE FIRST LADY (Dafina Books, 2007).


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