Tuesday, March 27, 2007

[Book Review] THE WATCHMAN by Robert Crais


Beth reviews THE WATCHMAN by Robert Crais (Simon & Schuster, 2007)

Fans of Robert Crais’s Elvis Cole series will be familiar with Joe Pike, Cole’s sidekick. This time, however, Joe takes center stage and Elvis Cole is the back-up. This gripping novel begins...
The city was hers for a single hour, just the one magic hour, only hers.

Larkin Connor Barkley lives in the City of Angels and believes that in that one magic hour she can see the angels for which the city was named. But her magic hour becomes her nightmare when she is in an auto accident and later identifies the passenger of the other car as the head of a drug ring. After several attempts on her life, Joe Pike--ex-marine, ex-LAPD officer, and mercenary--is called upon to protect the young heiress, which is harder than he thought. Larkin is vocal and opinionated. She doesn’t follow orders well until a deadly shoot-out leaves three would-be assassins dead. She and Pike must go underground and Cole is called in to help. Cole follows the trail of the drug cartel’s money-laundering network right back to where it all started...Larkin Connor Barkley and a car accident near her apartment.

With a hint of romance thrown in, this suspense novel moves quickly. The last chapter left me wandering, “Who is this man, Joe Pike, that I thought I knew? And how far will he go to get the job done?” I can’t wait for the next Joe Pike novel.

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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