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Jeanie Condo reviews SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES by Ray Bradbury (Bantam, 1963)

Two good friends, Jim Nightshade and Will Holloway, born just minutes apart on Halloween Eve and Halloween, are amazed when a traveling sideshow comes to town much later than usual. They soon learn that this is no average sideshow, but the Cooger and Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show. Sinister events begin occurring as the sideshow people start mingling in town. Mr. Dark, who is also known as the Illustrated Man, leads his eerie sideshow carnies as they take what they need from the town's inhabitants.

Will has always thought that his father - Charlie Holloway - who is the janitor of the town library, to be an old, ordinary guy, hardly capable of performing daring feats. Will is amazed to discover his father can be quite the hero when called upon.

Filled with suspense, horror and the struggle between good and evil, Something Wicked This Way Comes is a delight because of Bradbury's excellent use of descriptions, metaphors and philosophy. It is a page turner to the end.

Jeanie Condo, East Shelby Branch Library

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I remember reading this as a sophomore in high school. Thanks for the reminder of what a great book it is! I think the title comes from a Shakespeare play, maybe Macbeth?
I read this just a while ago for lit class. I liked the book even though some parts were a little confusing. If you are reading this book or any other book and its confusing, go to

it really clears things up chapter by chapter. Also, the line "Something wicked this way comes" if from a play called Macbeth by William Shakespear. The line is said by a witch :

"By the pricking of my thumbs,
something wicked this way comes,
open locks whoever knocks."
I am an 8th grader at Oxford Academy and I am reading this book for my English class. It is a tough read but overall I have been enjoying the book.
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