Saturday, March 10, 2007

[Book Review] MONSTER by Frank Peretti


Dean Moore reviews MONSTER by Frank Peretti (WestBow Press, 2005)

Monster begins with a weekend camping trip that goes horribly wrong. It escalates in subplots, suspense, and yes, even horror as the very well woven plot evolves. As one might expect with Frank Peretti, it could be called a "gentle" horror tale. However, "gentle" in this case does not mean dull. Peretti brings considerable writing skill to this book. You will find it difficult to put down.

The central plot involves the mythical Sasquatch of the Bigfoot legend. This sometimes frightening legend is given a unique twist. Peretti handles the Bigfoot legend with great skill. After opening with the horrible camping trip, a strong set of subplots grabs and holds your interest. These subplots range from the obvious to the subtle and although they are numerous, they are clear. Other subplots involve a power hungry college president and an uncontrolled science professor. Peretti adds several murders, attempted murders, and kills to bring in even more subplots. All of them are handled with aplomb and clarity.

This book should appeal to Bigfoot fans as well as outdoors enthusiasts. The book is fast paced, exciting and positive. It includes a sense of the unexpected from beginning to end.

Dean Moore, Frayser Branch Library

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