Monday, February 26, 2007

Robert J. Lang, Professional Origami Artist

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Professional origami artist Robert J. "Lang grew up outside Atlanta. He was given an origami book when he was six by a teacher who had run out of ways to keep him entertained during math class. Lang took to origami immediately. He was fascinated by the infinite possibilities within the finite-seeming—the characters and the creatures that could almost magically come to life from an ordinary square of paper. He worked his way through the designs in one book and then another and another. He had many interests—stamps, coins, plants, bugs, mud—and he was, as his father, Jim Lang, says, 'a super-duper math whiz,' hooked on Martin Gardner’s recreational math column in Scientific American. But paper folding engaged him most. He started designing his own origami patterns when he was in his early teens. He diagrammed them in detail on letterhead from the Chrysler Corporation Airtemp Division, where his father was in sales."

Read the full article to learn more about Lang's careers as an artist and a physicist and about the origami "bug wars" of the 1990s.

Visit the website of Robert J. Lang Origami. Photograph of "Goliath Beetle, opus 487" reproduced with Mr. Lang's permission.

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Article found via Arts & Letters Daily

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