Monday, January 22, 2007

[Book Review] SISTERCHICKS DO THE HULA by Robin Jones Gunn


Wendi Glenn reviews SISTERCHICKS DO THE HULA by Robin Jones Gunn (Multnomah, 2003)

Hope and Laurie are best friends. While in college, they plan a trip to Hawaii but never make it there. They move on with their lives, but reunite over time and decide to take that trip to Hawaii to celebrate their 40th birthdays. The women are not alone. Hope happens to be seven months pregnant with her daughter. The women experience the calm tranquility that is Hawaii and find a connection to God while on this trip. Sisterchicks Do the Hula is a fast paced book with a story about enjoying God’s creation. Robin Jones Gunn does an excellent job of taking you away to Hawaii vicariously through her characters. She gives detailed descriptions of the setting and of the women’s experiences. If you want a fun, light-hearted and inspirational story about girlfriends and spirituality then I recommend this book. Look for other Sisterchicks books such as Sisterchicks Down Under, Sisterchicks in Gondolas, Sisterchicks in Sombreros, Sisterchicks on the Loose, and Sisterchicks Say Ooh La La all by Robin Jones Gunn.

Wendi Glenn, Raleigh Branch Library

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