Friday, November 10, 2006

[Book Review] BLOOD & CHOCOLATE by Annette Curtis Klause

Fiction/Young Adult Horror

Jesse Pool reviews BLOOD & CHOCOLATE by Annette Curtis Klause (Delacorte Press, 1997):

Vivian’s teenaged life is changed forever when fire destroys her family’s home in West Virginia, killing her father, who is also her pack leader. Vivian, like the rest of her family, is a werewolf. Her pack moves to a quiet suburb in Maryland to escape from whomever discovered their secret and set their home on fire. Although Vivian is expected to pair off from someone in her pack, she falls for a human “meat-boy” instead. She struggles with fitting in at school. She wonders how much of herself she should share with her new boyfriend Aiden and if doing so might endanger her pack. A series of unexplained murders, pack politics, and teenage angst complicate matters further. Growing up is hard, especially if you’re a teenaged werewolf.

Why You'll Love It!: Dark and edgy, Blood & Chocolate is fast-paced and character-driven with lots of action and romance.

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Jesse Pool, Highland Branch Library

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Also, look out for the film coming in January.
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