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[Book Review] THE BIG STONE GAP TRILOGY by Adriana Trigiani

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Beth reviews the BIG STONE GAP TRILOGY by Adriana Trigiani

Adriana Trigiani, author of the BIG STONE GAP TRILOGY, has created a wonderful series that reminded me of home...with characters who speak with an Appalachian accent and live in a town so small everyone knows everyone else’s business. The writing was perfect. I could hear the dialect and actually "see" the cast of characters...from the cashier to the rescue squad driver to Ave Maria’s family in Italy. This is a series you will have to finish!

BIG STONE GAP (Random House, 2000) is a town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Ave Maria Mulligan is the town’s pharmacist and self-proclaimed spinster. At thirty-five, she fills her days with plenty of good friends and hobbies. Then in 1978 her world is turned upside-down and she is suddenly an “It” girl--marriage proposals, greedy family members, partying with celebrities and planning a trip she’ll remember forever. Can Ave Maria handle all the changes in her life? And will they make her happy?

In BIG CHERRY HOLLER (Random House, 2001), Ave Maria has settled into her role as wife to Jack MacChesney and mother of Etta and Joe. But this new life isn’t what she had expected--with death, job-loss and many temptations. Ave Maria visits her family in Italy to decide what she wants or needs to do for her family and marriage. But in Italy romance is in the air and Ave has her own tests to face thanks to handsome Pete Rutledge. Is her marriage to Jack going to make it?

The last of the trilogy, MILK GLASS MOON (Random House, 2002), brings us to Etta’s teen years. Ave Maria is torn--she wants Etta to grow up but also stay "her little girl." A fortune-teller brings Ave Maria hope with the phrase "redream" but also brings uncertainty. As Ave travels to Italy and New York City, we share her stresses with family, friendships and life. Can Etta flourish under her mother’s pressure and attempts to influence her? Will Etta find what is in her own heart? Can Ave Maria accept the changes she must face with the passing of time?

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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Does anyone know if there will be a 5th book in the Big Stone Gap series?
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