Thursday, October 26, 2006

[Book Review] BAD BOY by Olivia Goldsmith


Beth reviews BAD BOY by Olivia Goldsmith (Dutton, 2001):

Hi! My name is Beth and I like to read and watch trash. OK, so that sounds really worse than it is...but my "guilty pleasure" is to watch TV shows like "Maury" and "Jerry Springer" while getting ready for work in the morning. I rarely read it (trash romance novels) anymore—well, except when I am visiting my Mom...she has a lot of them!—but sometimes I just need to read one. After reading a young adult series called Once Upon a Time (I highly recommend them!) I was ready for some more "adult" titles and found Bad Boy on the shelf. It was everything I was looking for! Here are the highlights:

Tracie Higgins' Rules on How to Be a Bad Boy

Rule 1: Never offer them anything. Make them offer.

Rule 2: Never show them where you live.

Rule 3: No sports jackets. Ever. And no checks or plaids—any color you want, as long as it’s black.

Rule 4: It’s all in the pants. Forget khakis. Forget pleats.

Rule 5: Wear either throwbacks from thrift stores or really expensive Italian clothes. And mix them. Do on-line shopping only if you want to have on-line sex.

The rules continue. And guess what? Tracie’s rules work for her techno-geek, best friend Jon. He goes from being stood up on a date to being a successful heartbreaker. But where does that leave their friendship? Can Tracie stay friends with a womanizer? Has the respectful, caring Jon really become Jonny? Can Tracie, who only seems to date bad boys, not fall in love with Jonny?

Honestly this book wasn’t trash (bet you wanted to read it more when you thought it was though, right?) but a light romantic comedy. Perfect for a rainy (cold) day and a cup of hot tea.

Beth, Highland Branch Library

More Information:

From New York (Magazine), The Death of Novelist Olivia Goldsmith.


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