Wednesday, September 06, 2006

[Book Review] JUDGE & JURY by James Patterson

Fiction/ Genre: Suspense

Beth reviews JUDGE & JURY by James Patterson & Andrew Gross (Little, Brown and Co., 2006):

As an avid James Patterson fan I was ecstatic to see a new release by him. Once I got started I was greatly disappointed. Usually I read James Patterson novels in one sitting—turning those pages as fast as I can—but not this novel. It took me almost the entire check-out period (one week) to read Judge and Jury.

FBI agent Nick Pellisante, a.k.a. Nicky Smiles, has finally captured Mob boss Dominic Cavello, a.k.a. the Electrician. Doing the impossible meant Nick swarmed a wedding, had a helicopter in the air for surveillance and lost several agents, but Dominic Cavello’s next move will be from a jail cell. Unfortunately Cavello hires mercenary Nordeshenko to ensure that his trial never concludes. Nordeshenko, never one to fail, leaves a wake of destruction and death that leaves Pellisante angered and fearful. He, along with Juror 11, must be willing to go to the end of the earth to see justice done after Cavello escapes during his second trial.

Overall, I enjoyed Judge and Jury. Patterson created some deep characters, like Nordeshenko, but left us wondering about others. We never learn why Nick is obsessed with Cavello or how his nickname came about. Perhaps these details are what is missing from the usual Patterson flair. Here’s hoping the next one is a page-turner!

Beth, Highland Branch Library


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