Monday, August 07, 2006

[Book Review] SLEEPING WITH FEAR by Kay Hooper

Fiction/Genre: Suspense

Beth reviews SLEEPING WITH FEAR by Kay Hooper (Bantam, 2006):

Well, I admit it, this book fell into three of my personal categories--"scary cover art," "series" and "it’s going to be a long wait." I was heading to vote and knew I needed to prepare for the long lines that the TV broadcasters had been talking about, so I picked this book up. Amazingly the wait wasn’t too long, but that turned out to be a bad thing. . . I loved this book! I am now going back to read the first two of Hooper’s Fear trilogy (Hunting Fear and Chill of Fear).

Even before she opened her eyes, Riley Crane was aware of two things. Her pounding head, and the smell of blood.

Neither was all that unusual.

Immediately I was drawn into this world where a woman wakes up and is not worried about the smell of blood. What does she do that makes this "normal?" I had to read on. . .

Taking the chance, Riley pushed herself up on her elbows and then slid her right hand underneath the pillows. Ahhh . . . at least it was there, right where it was supposed to be. Her hand closed over the reassuring grip of her weapon, and she pulled it out, giving it a quick visual scan.

And a weapon under her pillow is "right where it was supposed to be?" More and more fascinating.

What had happened?

She didn't have the faintest clue, that was the hell of it. She had absolutely no memory of how she'd gotten herself covered with blood.

She couldn’t remember how it happened? She was covered in blood! As I read on, the details, some good/some bad, slowly emerge from Riley's memory. She is a psychic FBI agent who can’t remember the last three weeks and she hasn’t reported in to her superior in two. She has been on Opal Island for those three weeks and has dated the Sheriff Jake Ballard and is currently sleeping with the local D.A. Ash Prescott. As the men quibble over Riley, she begins to realize she is under attack from someone who is using evil power to control her. She must solve the grizzly occult homicide to regain her lost powers, memories and self.

This book kept me guessing to the end. It has it all: the occult, pyschics, love, romance, murder and more!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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