Saturday, July 01, 2006

KILLER DREAMS by Iris Johansen

Beth reviews KILLER DREAMS by Iris Johansen (Bantam, 2006).

I’ll tell you the truth, I wasn’t keen on reading this one. The cover art scared me. "So why did I pick it up," you may be asking yourself. Well I was leaving work and remembered I had a doctor’s appointment—and everyone knows you need a book for the waiting room. I have no interest in how the 2004 Presidential Election turned out according to an ancient Newsweek—so I started browsing the Popular Library Titles. Most of the thrillers/suspense authors I adore were all checked out, so I bit the bullet and checked out Killer Dreams. It was great! I finished the novel in no time (and ignored the house chores that were on my “to do” list!).

The Boogey Man does exist for some people.

Sophie Dunston, a sleep therapist and researcher, specializes in life-threatening night terrors. A drug, REM-4, was created by Sophie to help insomniacs, but her former employer, Sanborne, discovered its other uses. REM-4 turns normal people into killers. These killers will haunt not only her dreams, but her life. And the first killer will be her father.

Sophie must destroy all traces of REM-4 and the man who has used it for evil purposes. She teams up with Matt Royd, a man who will stop at nothing to see Sanborne dead. No one can stand in his way—and he’ll use everything in his power to get Sanborne, including using Sophie as bait. Sophie must trust Royd with everything she has, including her son, because she is out of options. And the Boogey Man in her dreams is closer than she ever imagined.

A wonderful book full of suspense, friendship and romance. A great read for thriller lovers!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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