Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kathy Reichs' BREAK NO BONES

Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan returns in BREAK NO BONES by Kathy Reichs (Scribner, 2006).

Description courtesy of BookLetters: Summoned to South Carolina to fill in for a negligent colleague, Tempe is stuck teaching a lackluster archaeology field school in the ruins of a Native American burial ground on the Charleston shore. But when Tempe stumbles upon a fresh skeleton among the ancient bones, her old friend Emma Rousseau, the local coroner, persuades her to stay on and help with the investigation. When Emma reveals a disturbing secret, it becomes more important than ever for Tempe to help her friend close the case.

If you enjoy Kathy Reich’s Tempe Brennan novels, reconstruct the clues along with these other forensic scientists:

Jessica Coran (by author Robert W. Walker)
Eve Duncan (a forensic sculptor--by Iris Johansen)
Gideon Oliver (by Aaron Elkins)
Elizabeth MacPerson (by Sharyn McCrumb)


To follow Tempe’s excavations on the small screen, tune into Bones on Fox-TV.

In an interview for the HBO documentary "Autopsy," Reichs reveals how she became a forensic anthropologist and shares details about her work: "I'm usually brought into cases by medical examiners and coroners, or law enforcement agencies, or occasionally by private parties. And it's cases in which the body is compromised. It's mummified. It's burned, decomposed. It's dismembered. It's putrefied. It's just a torso out of the river. It's just a skeleton. So the normal autopsy is having problems"

Mary Kay Anderson of Spokane County (Wa.) District Library offers these suggestions for readers interested in forensic anthropology.

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