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DUE SOUTH by R. Scott Brunner [review]

Non-Fiction/Category: U. S. South

Dean Moore reviews DUE SOUTH: Dispatches from Down Home by R. Scott Brunner (Villard, 1999):

The subtitle to R. Scott Brunner's book is "Dispatches from Down Home." This delightful book is a fast paced collection of fond memories, written by a self-described boy from the South. It recalls the culture of the not-so-long-ago South.

While each chapter is a short 3 or 4 page vignette, it's depth is suprising and informative. The tone is humorous and lighthearted. R. Scott Brunner writes in a style similar to local Memphis columnist and writer Lydel Sims and the more well-known Southern humorist Lewis Grizzard.

If you enjoy books like Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night by Lewis Grizzard or any of his other titles, you would enjoy Due South.

Dean Moore, Frayser Branch Library

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Comparing Brunner to Lewis Grizzard is quite a compliment! I remember the late columnist for his irresistible mixture of down-home wit and dead-on political commentary. This recollection brings to mind such commentators as Will Rogers and Molly Ivins. And, do you remember Rheta Grimsley Johnson who used to write for the old Memphis Press Scimitar?

Does Brunner comment on political matters in Due South?
I do remember Rheta Grimsley Johnson.
Brunner, at least in His work Due South, does not enter into specific politics of the South. He does venture into topics like fried chicken and football.
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