Tuesday, June 13, 2006

GOT THE LOOK by James Grippando

Beth reviews GOT THE LOOK by James Grippando (HarperCollins, 2006).

As I was browsing the “Popular Library” for a good weekend read, the cover of this book jumped out at me so I picked it up. Let me warn you: This is a series. The characters' backgrounds are detailed in Grippando’s previous four novels. However, this was my first Jack Swyteck (the main character) novel and I wasn’t lost. You can start with this one or the very first one...

Jack Swyteck, a handsome attorney, is in love. Head-over-heels in love. He even introduces Mia Salazar to his best friend (and ex-con) Theo Knight. It all seems to be going so well. Until Jack discovers that Mia is actually married to a wealthy real-estate developer.

After Mia has been kidnapped, the ransom letter simply states:

"Pay me what she’s worth."

Her husband believes his cheating wife is worth little. Jack, as her lover, disagrees. But what is she worth?

The FBI has been chasing this ruthless kidnapper/killer with poor results. One woman was returned to her husband for $40,000. Another woman was killed when $1,000,000 wasn’t “what she’s worth.” So what is Mia worth to Jack? And to the kidnapper?

Jack, along with Andie Henning of the FBI, must solve the case before it’s too late for Mia. Why has Mia been chosen? Was it because she's "got the look"?

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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