Monday, June 12, 2006

DARK TORT by Diane Mott Davidson

Beth reviews DARK TORT by Diane Mott Davidson (William Morrow, 2006).

This is another author for whom I have read everything that she’s written (seeing a pattern here?), but this one just wasn’t quite as good as the previous 12. It started out with the usual--catered food, a dead body and Goldy Bear Schulz (after 2004’s Double Shot) trying to solve the murder.

Goldy has been catering for Hanrahan & Jule, a law firm in Aspen Meadow, Colorado and stumbles over the dead body of her neighbor--the paralegal--Dusty Routt. Dusty’s mother is distrustful of the police, due to Dusty’s brother’s recent death while in police custody, and begs Goldy to help solve her daughter’s death. Much to her husband Tom’s dismay, Goldy is back in action to catch the bad guys. Between her catering jobs, giving her son Arch driving lessons, and dealing with contractors, Goldy puts the clues together. All these clues lead back to the law firm and their deceased client--famous cook and painter--Charlie Baker. What had the murder victim uncovered working while at the law firm? Can Goldy put the pieces together again?

As always, this book not only “sounds” yummy, but the Goldy’s Catering (“Where Everything Is Just Right”) recipes are in the back for you to try. Happy reading (and eating)!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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