Saturday, May 20, 2006

GONE by Lisa Gardner

Beth reviews GONE by Lisa Gardner (Bantam, 2006).

It was a dark and stormy night when ex-cop, child advocate and private investigator Lorraine “Rainie” Conner’s car is found running and abandoned on the side of an empty stretch of country road.

Hokey? Yes. However this really is how the plot begins and brings with it a great page-turner of a book by Lisa Gardner.

Once her car has been identified and she isn’t anywhere to be found the call goes out for help. Help arrives in the form of her husband, Quincy, a semi-retired FBI profiler; Quincy’s daughter, Kimberley, an FBI agent from Atlanta; the federal agent, Candi “that’s with and i” Rodriguez, who specializes in hostage negotiations; along with local and state police.

Only one person has the answers to what happened that night. He has taken to using aliases of previous high-profile killers/kidnappers and contacting the press. All he wants for his information is money, power, and fame. Without those things, Rainie might not make it.

Unlike the novels of James Patterson, I haven’t read many of Lisa Gardner’s books. However if you like this one and the main character Rainie, I suggest going back and reading The Next Accident (2001) and The Killing Hour (2003).

Beth, Highland Branch Library


THE ART OF SUSPENSE: A Dialogue between Authors Stephen White and Lisa Gardner. Kill Me is Stephen White's latest.

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